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EDDM Postcard

Every Door Direct Mailers: 

Cheaper rates. Target the mailing area. Increase Sales.


Mail menus or sales promotions directly to customers using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Using your  location, we can target thousands of customers in your immedate area, or whichever areas you prefer.


Give us the ZIP codes for the areas you want to target as well as the number of EDDM postcards you want to send. We will do our best to maximize the number of recipients based on your choices.


If you would like to decide the routes yourself, the USPS provides a great tool for selecting EDDM routes.


Visit the USPS EDDM tool here.

  • Enter the zip code(s) you wish to target
  • Click "Residential, then change it to "Residential Only"
  • Click "Show Table"
  • Select the routes you wish to use
  • Collect the zip codes and route numbers, list it under "Zip Code and Routes* (i.e., 03103-C001)
  • Repeat the steps for any other zip codes you wish to target
  • Adjust the quantity based on the information provided the USPS

Would you like to inquire about placing an order? Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 603-703-0795.

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